A6 buyers guide.


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Hi guys,

Just a quick one. I'm thinking of getting a diesel A6 and wanted peoples advice on which engines are best and things to look out for. I'll be looking to get a C5 and I don't have much money to spend around £2500 is my limit really. I know I'm looking at cars well over the 100k mark and I'm ok with that. I owned a 2000 A4 about 3 years ago (2.8 Quattro petrol) and it was the best car I've owned I honestly wish I'd never sold it. But it was thirsty so had to go. I currently have a Honda Accord Type-R and again it's fairly thirsty and insurance is high and I've got another baby on the way so want something sensible that's going to give me fairly good mpg's. Just looking for opinions and advice etc. Any input welcome thanks.


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1.9 tdi. It's indistuctable.


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1.9 tdi, idealy the 130bhp unit

i've got one in my passat with 186k on and it still goes well :) (ps its for sale)


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1.9 tdi, idealy the 130bhp unit<BR><BR>i've got one in my passat with 186k on and it still goes well <IMG class=inlineimg title=Smile border=0 alt="" src="http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/images/smilies/biggrin.gif" smilieid="264"> (ps its for sale)
Hi guys thanks for your help. I was thinking of the 1.9tdi. Ideally the 130bhp. How does it respond to a remap do you guys know? Ahh I looked at Passats too but heard they had a little bit of bad press reference reliability. Also got to sell my Type-R first. Proving troublesome in the current market. So if I'm looking at A6's that are pushing 150k I shouldn't worry?