A6 avant wiper problems


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Hi folks desperate for some advice here.

My wipers stopped working on my a6 avant 2.0tdi.

The other day they just stopped at one side of the windscreen and wouldnt return back down the windscreen I had to push them down then they would do the same again then stopped working altogether and just blew fuses everytime you turned the wipers on.

So I assumed the motor was burnt out order's a new wiper motor from breakers and wiper still don't work but no longer blow fuses just wipers won't work at all.

I've tested for power at the plug and there's power coming through but nothing happening.

Got the automatic wiper, automatic lights fault detected on the dash would the wipers not work at all if this wasn't working or do I need to have the codes cleared before the new wiper motor will work.

Any advice help appreciated


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I really have no idea... but taking a wild guess maybe it needs a computer reset?

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May need to have the codes cleared on central electrics. Also make sure your testing with the bonnet fully shut, as they won't work if the bonnet is open or the car thinks the bonnet it open even if it's closed (faulty bonnet switch).

Florin Dohotaru

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It happened to me a few years ago and I had to change this module

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Thanks for that I ll give it a go and hopefully sorts it out as cracking me up at the minute been all over the car looking for the problem changed the motor already first Audi I've owned that had any sort of electrical problems.


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Still stuck changed the power supply module the wiper motor still no wipers totally stuck now.

The cars not worth spending much money on as it has been used as a bit of a workhorse the body is rough and the interior isn't the best so I'm really looking to fix this as cheap as possible or it will get sold on or scrapped I reckon.

Just a bit of a nightmare with no wipers luckily I'm not back to work yet so got a bit of time on my hands still.

Anyone had similar problems with there wipers?


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Got a the fault codes read and cleared and still no wipers but then decided to disconnect the auto wiper headlight sensor and my wipers are working again.

Thank god for that can live without auto wipers/headlights.