A6 Avant Sline Black Edition 2013 MPG


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I’ve just bought my first Audi, having moved across from Mercedes and BMW.
All the reviews online and in the press give the MPG for my 2013 2.0 TDI Sline Auto an mpg of 50+... some even giving near 60 !
The dealer told me that was correct when I asked, as my recent 2016 E 220d was achieving between 50&60...
Having owned the car for two weeks I’m getting no where near :-( at best on a long run in economy mode during at 60mph it’s just about getting 47mpg (and thatsvwith aircon turned off) .... normal motorway driving returns 38-40, and around town as low as 25 !!! Is this right and have I been misinformed ??? Very worrying..


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To be honest that sounds about right

My car (A6 AVANT 2.0 TDI 2013) has averaged 42mpg in the past year and I mainly do shortish journeys. On the motorway at 70mph it sits in and around 45mpg

The DPF systems on modern Diesels seems to reduce MPG compared to the older generation. I would also say that the BMW MPG reading is always a bit higher than what the car is actually achieving where as the Audi is accurate from what I measure with liters used and miles covered


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Most cars are quoted in optimal conditions,rolling road.42mpg isn’t bad for a big and fairly powerful car,I purchased the 3.0 Bitdi expecting near 50mph but average 27