A6 Avant Quattro 3.0 TDI (What to look out for)


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Well me and the OH have found ourselves looking at Petrol B6 A4 Avants but I can't help but stick my nose in here as well as spotting a C5 A6 2.5 TDI Avant Quattro I've also spotted a C6 which is just within budget. Now I am always loath to buy the cheapest on the market but I've done a bit of googling and haven't found much that seems to go wrong with these?

Can anyone shed any light on potential issues with these and what else to look for when viewing C6 Avants?

I am looking for a buyers guide/things to look out for list, from googling around I have found the following trouble points (along with general stuff you look at when buying a used motor)

1. Timing chain rattle (can be indicated by slow starting)
2. Crank damper
3. Injector failure

Are there any issues with DMF failure etc? I read that the C6 is not Haldex but proper mechanical 4wd so should be pretty bullet proof.

The car I am looking at is a late 2006 car with the 233bhp engine and manual transmission.

Can anyone tell me specific points on these cars to look into?


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Hi i have owned my a6 c6 2.7 tdi for 5 months and done some research ( 2006 avant )
on the avants the rear wash wipe pipe would split leaking water on the sat nav and amp
there was a fault with the cooling fans running on draining the battery
the good news is that these items are covered by audi on recalls had mine done by my main dealer
along with a third recall abs i think
enquire if these have been done
the only other work required was new glow plugs
new hydro mount and bke switch
not bad for a 159k but does have full service history try to find one with that
cheers Pete


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Clutch and DMF is known to fail around 120k ish... Could be sooner or much later!


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My cars is a 3.0tdi version only 61k miles on the clock which ive just recently bought in which the swirl flap issue was carried out at 57k miles, by the previous owner. Looking at the Audi invoices the full repair was £1332, although that included other work..I could easily send you the full breakdown of the price. The manifolds are about £ 450 each..Reading on the forums though there seems to be a much cheaper alternative as there is a repair kit available.


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Thanks for the advice guys, however we gave the A6 a miss and went for an A4. When viewing the 6 was just too big.