A6 avant 40 tdi courtesy light


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Hi, need some help .

Does any one no if and how you can turn your interior courtesy lights on when you unlock the car and open the doors.

I have looked at car settings and settings and cannot find out how to do it .
I have read the manual and it does not say how to do it.
Only a problem when its dark and would like the lights on inside when entering the car .
I no there is a button at the front near the sos button which turns them on, but surely there is a function which when you open the doors the lights come on.
Maybe I have missed something.
Any help would be appreciated.


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On my car the interior lights come on when I unlock, initially jsut the driver's light and then if you open other doors those come on as well. You need to activate the button near the SOS button which has a "door" symbol and it may be that the headlight switch needs to be in the "Auto" setting (that is needed for the external lights to come on when you unlock)


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Yup, also may I suggest a good read of your manual. It isn't being wimpy or non manly but will provide you with much information you need to operate your vehicle correctly and safely...