A6 Avant 313 Discs & Pads


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My 2013 Audi A6 Avant 3ltr BiTurbo (313) is due for new discs and pads.

Are people simply recommending OEM or going for Brembo? I'm not a racer so not looking for silly, but just the best brakes for sensible money now that a replacement is nearly due.


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Good, premium aftermarket makes are Brembo, ATE, Jurid, Pagid & Textar. I expect the OE ones are made by one of these. For example ATE are involved a lot with BMW as are Jurid and Textar brake pads. I'd suggest pricing up OE and see how that compares with aftermarket. There are firms who market brake pads that come in bright colours and have labels like "fast road" or "occasional track" but as you are not a racer and have presumably been happy with your 2013 OE brakes - why stray too far.


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Because with the right pads you can have better braking with less dust.

Why have a remap , why have Eibach...

Because they are better than OE .