A6 avant 3.0 tdi quattro help please?


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Right i know folk are probably fed up with my threads now chopping and changing from one model to another.
This one I'm pretty serious about, ticking all the boxes apart from I'm in Edinburgh and the car is in Belfast but already pricing up the trip over to bring it back.

Its just within budget and 99500 miles,

I'm aware you cant really run a big engine like this on a budget but could I expect to get a good 20k miles out of the chain and clutch/gearbox before things need replacing? (Its a DSG i think)

I know these things cant be predicted and there's exceptions but whats the average before having to fork out big bucks? I've not got an issue spending but its money i need to put away first.
Any insight appreciated.

PS. anyone aware of the procedure and cost of transferring northern irish plates off the car and getting a standard GB plate on?


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Im in Belfast and can inspect if needed.

Its a tiptronic, you dont really need the gearbox oil changed as its not a item in the service regime, timing chains again aren't a serviceable item unless it rattles.

Were still in the UK so no cost to transfer plate, just fill in the new owners slip as normal and send it off to DVLNI Coleraine and you'll get the new V5 in the post. You can either change it to an English style plate or keep the NI plate as a dateless plate.


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was more worried about clutch failure with someone saying repair is to the tune of £3k odd and similar or even higher for the chain.

I've just noticed its registered in October 2006 so it's the higher tax band :\
Ive got a family member who's a mechanic but cant really afford to pay for both of us to fly over.
Really appreciate the offer to might take you up on that, specially if you know the niggles to look for.

And youre saying to change to english style plate wouldn't cost anything? not that it really matters