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A6 allroad tiptronic gearbox replacement

Chigewara Mar 27, 2018

  1. Chigewara

    Chigewara New Member

    HI there,

    Just recently purchsed an A6 c5 allroad 2.5tdi auto. Worked nicely for a few days and then I started noticing issues with the auto box. When I put the car in to reverse, it seems to jump a bit and then go in to gearbox limp mode. This happens around 80% of the time when I put the car in to reverse, the other 20% (mostly after a long drive) it works without issues. All the forward gears seemed to work fine and have been selecting without any issues. I have now noticed that the car is leaving oil patches on the payment, after checking it, it looks like its coming from somewhere near the top of the gearbox. I have also started noticing that the gears are starting to drag on a bit which I guess is due to lack of gearbox oil?

    I've had a look on ebay and have noticed that a second hand gearbox can be sourced for arround 300-400 pounds.

    How much of a pain would it be to change the auto gearbox with intermediate mechanical skills?(done engine changes on some older cars, all maintenance...etc) Would it just be a case of plugging/fitting in the new gearbox and it would work straight away or would it need programming etc..?

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