A6 Allroad air suspension leak


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Feb 2, 2022
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Evening all,

recently purchased an Allroad and last night I noticed the the yellow and green dash lights flashing for the air suspension, which having a read is an indicator of an air leak.

I had the wheel off this evening and can confirm there is an air leak from the front near side strut.
the car has recently had a new compressor fitted, and the air hose is connected sturdy and not leaking.

with a little soapy water I was able to locate the leak but it appears to be coming from the top mount - any suggestions as to what it might be in this area of the suspension? ((I’ll try and attach a photo))

it appears to be leaking just above the thin metal band circled in the image

Because it’s not holding air in the suspension the car is practically sat on the front arches so it cannot be driven realistically, so I have had to leave it at work tonight and I’m hoping to get someone out to look at it tomorrow.
My first Audi so don’t want my pants pulling down


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I hazard a guess over time the metal jubilee type clip has cut into the rubber with movement & caused a small hope, short of replacing the part, the high pressure it's unlikely it can be reliably sealed.

You may laugh, but I've sealed a number of tyres with superglue before, for minor leaks, funny enough the tyres lasted to end of life with not a single further leak & passed mots, I'd jack up, so no pressure being put onto the bags as such, see if some form of glue will give you temporary fix as some heats up the rubber & it seats as a seal, this isn't a fix for longevity btw, just a temp idea.