A6 allroad air ride

Andy waud

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Aug 25, 2014
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evening chaps

Ive got a few questions i hope sum one can answer

My dads got a a6 all road and the aur suspension isnt workin at all. Hes replaced the compressor and valve block but nothing is happenin hes tried through vag com doin the system tests but it wont let him put in the values for the air ride settings

Wat problems are common for these there is just no life in it at all nothin trys to kick in its just sat on the bump stops now hes startin to get ****** off with it and i dont want him spending any more money on it if its eumthin simple.

Ive got access to vag com so is there anyone that nows the process to go throygh to reset it or find any other faults that mite not cause it to run