A6 Allroad “Handbrake fault” esp/airbag issue


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Jan 5, 2019
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Hi all!

Trying to figure out what is going on with my 2007 allroad!
Any ideas would be great to hear as it has me beat! ‍♂️

Got a disco dash with "parking brake malfunction" displaying. No ESP/ABS and airbag light is on.

Scanning the car I get "no communication to airbag ecu"
It all came about just after I bought the car and disconnected the MAF and pad wear sensors to clean the MAF and change the pads. I've read about the MAF causing issues on the dash but not the lack of comms to the airbag ecu.

Have checked the hazard switch and connection into the airbag ecu. Also tried another airbag ecu to see if it would at least pick up that the ecu had the wrong coding and try and talk to it but it still could not communicate to the airbag ecu so I suspect the wiring or something random is going on?

Steering angle sensor reads ok on a general scan but if I go into the module (scan shown below) it shows a fault code? Also not sure why there is a crash sensor open, doesn't show which one?

I had this on my 2006 A6 handbrake malfunction and esp light on turned out to be a faulty sensor in the rear hub after replacing it due to the bearings going