a6 4.2 and s6 differences


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Does anybody know what are the spec differences between the a6 4.2 quattro and the s6 both 2000 model ish ? I am thinking of one of these as my next car,probably an avant.Obviously there is a power difference of 40 bhp but how is this acheived?,i think i prefer the 4.2's wheels,they are different where as s models are all the same type.The interior looks the same with the recaros etc.There is a group difference on insurence 19 verses 20 and mpg is slightly better on 4.2 not that this bothers me. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gifAndy


Andy, I'm thinking of getting a 4.2 in a few months. Avant is probably the better option for resale etc.

Don't know much about the differences between the two cars apart from the obvious.

It seems that the A6 forum is a bit dead (unlike the A4 forum) so don't hold out for too much feed back as 4.2 owners are rarer than rocking horse S...!

Only worry I would have about buying a big engined Audi Quattro is resale. Took me months to sell my A4 2.8Q where as owners of BMW's seem to shift their cars a hell of alot quicker.

I don't want to look at 540i's but they may well be the better option.


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540's don't look as good though,so stuff the resale,i would keep it a while costs permiting,better value than the bmw too and more kit on most of them.I just need a bigger car(due to a new addition to the family),but don't want to lose out on performance,2.7 is supposed to be troublesome so v8 it is!Had a vr6 before ,then 3 1.8t's Leon,Ibiza then A3q and i miss the noise of a V n/a engine. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gifAndy


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Just got onto your forum.
The differences between the two are quite big: Stiffer suspension, all aluminium suspension parts, hi flow exhaust (a lot louder at driving speeds), I believe the gear change setup has been altered, of course the increase in power (not enough for the auto box in my opinion), the seats, front grill, badges, spoiler, wheels, wider body, rarity, blah.
I have had the E34 and E39 M5 and found the later very clinical; the traction control seemed to be on all the time whereas the S6 ´with 4 wheel drive loves being right footed, even in corners. M5 is faster on paper and track but, we live in the real world and where I live the S6 is best.
Trouble is, there will always be a better car out there somewhere.


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Seats are the same recaros but all leather,rather than leather and alcantera and the 4.2 body is wide arch and track.Not too much differences compered to the the difference in price second hand.If the track is the same wouldn't the suspension be the same too,there might be slightly different damper settings but the construction should be the same.I would love a s6 but budget might not stretch that far.Thanks for the feedback. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gifAndy


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i'm just guessing the s6 has better cylinder heads for the power, like rs4 to s4.

2.7t has not been any trouble at all for me, i guess its just preference


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Hi AndyTQ

I recently purchased an A6 4.2 in Nemo Blue. Haven't done too many miles, as it isn't a daily commuter. I bought mine with 82000miles on the clock, this may sound high to some people, but the V8 is just getting into its stride at this mileage. At 100Mph, the car is doing approx 2700 RPM!!. I too wanted to know the difference as the "S" title appears to carry some kudos, thus pushing up the price. I have driven both and in my opinion, not worth the extra £££'s. My A6 has the same body as the S6 and RS6, it has the wider track, wider arches, aluminium bonnet, aluminium wings (keeps the weight down as V8 heavy.) I have the same electric Recaros, I understand the aluminium suspension and running gear is the same, the front and rear disks are the same as S6, wheel and tyre size on the 2000 model or less is the same. Same Tiptronic gearbox. So I don't think there is much in it at all.

You can guess as the fuel consumption is not as good as standard 4.2 that they have re-worked the cylinder heads for better flow, possibly bigger valves. Different cams, possibly higher lift, and I think the exhaust is different too. But thats probably it!
Anyway, I'm chuffed with mine, goes along quite nicely thank-you ;o)

Hope this helps?


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Hi, this is my first post, so hello to everyone!

I bought my A6 4.2 Sport Avant in December with 60K and two owners, so still in my first month but love it already. Its a 2000 model in silver with dark grey sports leather, sat nav, TV, Bose etc. Two things missing from the spec and options I wish it had are the sunroof and the xenons, although I'm trying to find some used xenons at the moment.

The Audi replaced a MB SL, which replaced a BMW 840CI, which replaced a TVR, so I like my V8's but it’s even better when it’s in an estate body with TDi badges and 4wd!

The only problems I have are a creaking from the passenger side front suspension, which only appears after an hour or so of town driving and some rough gear changes. I've done some research and issues with the gearbox seem quite common, with delays between changes and occasional thumping between gears as you coast to the lights and then accelerate before coming to a standstill. Although my car has a FASH, it hasn't had a gearbox oil/filter change, so I'm getting that done first, as it should be done every 30K. The only other downside for me is the road noise from the tyres, which I've also read is very common but can be reduced by using certain brands of tyre.

Great to see other A6 4.2 owners on such a quiet forum!