A6 3.0tdi Quattro SLine Avant?????

S3 Johnny

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Sep 11, 2009
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Hi guy
I'm looking at getting an A6 Avant but it has to be Quattro cause i will be selling my S3 and my 4x4 to get it and i need a 4wd cause i live in village and with the bad weather snow ect.
What do you guys think of the 3.0tdi? is there any know prob's with them or anything to look out for??
Thanks for your time
The only 'problem' is
a) finding one at a good price
b) enjoying the 'Torques' too much in front of those who dissaprove
c) get some boxes for the boot as the shopping will go all over the place

Oh, one thing to look out for is to check the Road Tax for that reg on the DVLA website

DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online

Some are up in the £400 range and others are down in the £200s. It isn't just down to the CO2 readings either.

You will enjoy.
Great car, bought mine just before Christmas and I love it!! look around and get a good spec as adding anything costs major £. Don't settle for anything without the spec you want. I had an S6 before and this still pulls like a train with great MPG!! an early 2006 car should be £245.00 per year road tax.
Yes check your CO2 is below 225 for cheaper road tax. Some 3.0TDIs are in the £400 road tax bracket. Check the reg document.

Look around and be prepared to travel for a good spec one. A good selection of extras is worth thousands - look for Sat Nav, heated leather seats, parking sensors, bluetooth. The list of options is massive.
quite a lot of £ and a hard color to sell, I just bought mine 74,000 miles for £13,000.00, it did need a service though.
Nice spec though!
i'm considering one if current car sells.

it's the higher tax band i'm not keen on and then if you find a pre march 2006, not many proper s line models with the proper bumpers
this then leads me to the 530d or even the 535d touring (major disadvantage is rwd), but we shall see.
Only just found this thread after buying a 3.0 sline quattro myself!

Mine is a basic one without many extras, 98k and ended up getting it just over £10k from a dealer.

You guys think that was a reasonable deal?:ermm:
Guess it depends on the reg?!

58 plate for £10K - amazing

02 plate for £10K - disaster