A6 3.0tdi Buying Advise


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Hello... A6 section....

I was a frequent active member (was also regional co-ordinator for Yorkshire) in the A3/S3 8L section.
Not been active for a while now.
Still own my S3 8L which does very little miles and practicality a weekend toy


Think of purchasing a 2012-14 A6 Avant 3.0TDI Quattro.
Will be S-Line Spec and Auto
Is there anything I should be looking out for or common issues?

What are the service intervals including major ones?

I've access to VCDS so will be scanning any potential cars. Also Mechanical minded.

Budget upto £15000. Mileage isn't important aslong as it has been maintained highly.
Just need a more comfortable daily to my van....

I've done a quick search but not actually stumbled across a post about what to look out for.

Thank you


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I can tell you what my 2013 BiTdi with 50K on it has needed doing to it in the last year aside from brakes and tyres. New front wheel bearings, new water pump and it is currently having an under boost issue that is being investigated. I also had to replace the fuel flap actuator as it got stuck. Apart from those things it's been a lovely car to own/drive.
ey up mark, I moved from the s3 to a BiTDI. had a full set of injectors in mine, front right wheel bearing. got mine on 98k just got to 123k. Great cars but do miss my S3


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Had my bitdi for 3 months now and have just had the front passenger side wheel bearing replaced under warranty.
Mine has 62k on the clock, 2013 car
Seems to a common issue of these big beasts.
Amazing car though


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Had my 3.0TDI for over 2 years now and covered 34,000 miles (mileage now just shy of 107,000)

Had one injector fail on me in January so if you have VCDS check the injection values if you can; if one or more is failing you'll see the idle values being way off!
Recently replaced both rocker cover gaskets and had all new injector seals so check for any signs of oil around there
Replaced a cracked turbo intake pipe - this was on the front of the engine; it's plastic so I'm not even sure how it cracked!

Other than that, I've serviced it, replaced the discs and pads all around, and I'm on my 3rd set of tyres.....

I have a suspicion a wheel bearing is going but it's booked into the garage next week for a DSG service so will get them to look at it then

Apart from the above, it's a great car :)


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ey up mark, I moved from the s3 to a BiTDI. had a full set of injectors in mine, front right wheel bearing. got mine on 98k just got to 123k. Great cars but do miss my S3

I'm fortunate enough to be able to keep the S3..... Its long overdue a rear axle refurbishment and the engine will be coming out for a rebuild. Perfect timing to get a A6.


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Thanks to everyone whos replied.

Seems to be Wheel Bearings are the most common issue so will definitely look out for this.
Will also look into the injectors and there cycle for signs of failures.

What are these engines like for timing chains?

Also read the Multitronic is the least reliable however I'm wanting Quattro so there S-Tronic/TipTonic..... What are the Autoboxes like.... Bulletproof if serviced?


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Dsg service ?? Zf advised me not to do it if it had gone over 80k
Not a cheap service either from the quotes I got

OP is looking at a 3.0; wasn’t specific about which version ;)

Mine is the 242bhp with the 7 speed DSG / S-Tronic box so needs a service every 38k miles. The BiTDI’s got the ZF 8 speed box which is apparently sealed for life if you listen to Audi