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a6 2.5 tdi injector question

mrsparkie Apr 2, 2018

  1. mrsparkie

    mrsparkie New Member

    Hi, I have a a6 2.5 tdi 2004 with the bdg engine. Car starts eventually but the smoke is something else! Car also heavy vibration at idle.
    Removed injectors to clean. stripped injectors of its internal components. question is i have 4 injectors which all components came out ( 2 springs and a copper collet and washer and needle) see pic and 2 which only released 1 spring and needle. Would i be right to thing i either have 2 good injectors or 4 bad ones.
    Also if bad can i use a injector with a different end letter and just change nozzles over. IMG_7433.JPG
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  3. amiram

    amiram A6 C5 Allroad 2.5L TDI Tip Still on air :)

    Why do you think the problem is in injectors. Do you have an option to scan a fault codes? According to your description it sounds more like an injection pump. Check if there a water in the diesel fuel
  4. thawatchai2510

    thawatchai2510 Member

    Fault code scan.

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