A6 2.0 TDI many problems


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Hello friends, I have audi a6 2007 2.0tdi 140hp and many problems with it.
The car is shaking while starting and probably burning antifreeze because of the large amounts of white smoke on startup and while driving. The antifreeze is dissapearing but it isnt leaking anywhere.

The injector quantity parameters area:
Cyl1: 1.65 mg/str
Cyl2: - 1.12mg/str
Cly3: - 0.42mg/str
Cyl3: - 0.12mg/str

This is how it starts...

Please help...I don't know what to do anymore...


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WTF are you doing here then??
**** take aside unless you go for a 6cyl diesel the 4 pot N47 diesel is utter garbage and will eat it timing chain!
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