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A6 2.0 BRE Misfire , rattling issue .

Georgi1987 Nov 2, 2020

  1. Georgi1987

    Georgi1987 New Member

    Hello everyone , just bought a A6 with 130k miles , I’m the third owner , last one is my neighbour who owned it for last 6 years. The car coming with completely gone clutch.
    I have change the clutch and my adventure began .
    The car running fine on idle with small vibrations , injectors are fine will attach a photo below maybe I’m wrong! There is no any fault codes on engine. When i try to drive the car on first and second gear , city driving the car shakes and cuts like I’m a new driver very hard cuts , when reach 2000rpm and above is fine...
    I disconnected the MAF and the car driving fine , with very slight shaking..
    Torsion value is 0.0Kw , consumption on idle is 0.20 , the inlet cam timing is not on the middle...
    Injectors deviation, is between 0.25 and -0.25 roughly...

    View attachment 211634 View attachment 211634 View attachment 211634 I will accept every advice , ideas and experience...

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