A6 2.0 (2010) TDI Le Mans - Acceleration Issues


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Afternoon all,
I have been experiencing intermittent issues when trying to accelerate over the last month or so. The revs seem to be "hunting" whilst under acceleration, more so when accelerating in 4/5/6, ( trying to overtake / foot down etc) but it does happen lower down the rev range as well.
To further complicate things, if I rev the car gently trough the gears, all seems OK and it seems worse as the engine heats up?
Could it be the MAF or EGR valve. There are no signs of oil leakage around the turbo.
Could someone recommend a independent VW dealer in the York / Leeds area to diagnose or is it a main dealer (expensive) fix.


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I can recommend Phil at Elite Vehicle Service in Thornaby, but I'm not sure if that is too far north for you?