a6 1.8t se quattro 2002


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hi there
i just got the engine management light on all the time in my car.
what that mean?what should i do?
i am a bit worry about that
any one can help??:crying:
you need to get it checked,

your options are

1. at a dealer
2. at a garage
3. someone with vagcom
4. you get vagcom and a lead,

read the code and find out whats up!


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hi there
yeah i took it for check today and they said its exhaust convert rattling.
and needs replacing but he cleared the codes for me and i have not got that warning againg?how much do you think will cost?is it safe to drive now.?
yeah should be fine, the engine management light will be telling you there is a fault, your car will have a lambda probe before and after the cat.

if the cat has failed - the rattling - the second probe will detect that it is not doing its job properly and will throw a code.

the second probe will not affect the mixture or the running of the car, it is there to check the cat is working correctly.

the cat will need to be changed, depending on how bad it is the core could move and partially block the exhaust, or it may just shake its self to pieces.

you will need to get it changed before an MOT as it should not pass!