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so my VCDS arrived yesterday and i jumped in the car and started playing. managed to get a few things enabled as per below :

Enable Optical rear parking for cars without front parking sensors
Enable Gauge Test/Needle Sweep
Enable Horn confirmation on locking
Enable Remote Operation Windows and Sunroof

i tried the following but it not working even though the code was accepted

Enable Reverse mirror tilt

[52 Door Elect, Pass.] -> [Coding - 07] -> [Long Coding Helper] -> Byte 4
Bit 3 and Bit 2 set to 1

i entered reverse but the mirror wont tilt. do i have to have the folding mirrors or will my electric ones still do it?? if so what am i doing wrong do i need to set the angle somewhere first?

Activate SDS for cabriolet:

5F–Information Electr.
Change Byte 15 – Bit 0 to 1
Change Byte 16 – Bit 0 to 0

i cant seem to get this to work. i have teh Concert Stereo so i dont have MMI i believe which means i cant get in to 5F it just says its cant be found. any one else managed to get it working on a concert stereo?

Any Help is greatly appreciated


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I enabled the reverse mirror tilt on my B8 and it did work but intermittently. It didn't dip straight away when you selected reverse you had to start reversing, also if you have set the dip on the passenger mirror put the mirror switch on the passenger side.
In the end I disabled it again as the mirror never seemed to return to the original place.
I think I read somewhere for it to work 100% you need to have memory seats in the car .
Can't help with the other one.



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so teh reverse mirror tilt like you said is just a pain in the **** but i left it enabled for now and ill just turn the adjust to enable it if i need it for parking. as left in heating position t wont engage the tilt mode.

i managed to get SDS kinda working but its not working right

i did this change first

Telephone (77),
and changing the second last digit in Software coding,
options are e.g.: 0 disabled, 2 English UK, 9 allow only voice tags.
So if you have it set to 9, changing it to 2 would enable phone-related speech dialogue which you can try
out by saying HELP.

still didnt work so i did this next

47 Radio -> Coding 07 -> Long code helper -> Byte 6 -> Bit 7 tick telephone control via voice control active

the button came in to life and i said help it worked but even though the phone was registered it kept saying phonebook empty

i then changed settings and it came up asking insert Sim.

getting angry now