A5 Sportback Trim removal


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I've now got my dash cam and wanting to install the rear view camera with the cables behind the trim.

Does anybody know how the trim is fitted so that I can remove safely?

I can't find ElsaWin for the new model.



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Not got mine yet to know, but I'm sure I read somewhere that once the trim is removed, it never quite fits the same way again (even if a dealer does it) which could lead to rattles etc in the future. Have yo done it before with other cars?

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Yes, I've done it before on previous cars but each is different and I was wary of any hidden fastenings that might snap.

I managed to get all of the tailgate trim off and it has refitted very snuggly. Two clips were plastic 'spreaders' whilst the rest were vicious metal clips and the trim is 100% (phew!).

I did gain a few cuts and scrapes whilst doing it despite using trim tools etc. !!

The hardest piece was the A pillar trim which I was very careful with due to the airbag.