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A5 sportback stereo issue

Stevelolly Apr 20, 2018

  1. Stevelolly

    Stevelolly Member

    Hi , 2013 A5 sportback with I believe MMI 3g low system . Driving to work yesterday and sudden high pitch noise from speakers , switched it off as quick as I could . Switched it back on and only had boot subwoofer and dash centre speaker . Tried reset etc to no avail . On way home from work it started crackling and all came back on . Was fine next morning but did it again on way home . Investigating at home I could smell burning / hot electrical smell and traced it to r/h rear door . Took trim panel off and although speaker wasn't working it was bloody hot and definitely where smell was coming from . I've checked wiring to door and all contacts , checked in boot and all dry as a bone . All fuses ok . Anyone any ideas or had similar ? I've left speaker disconnected and as I've left it all the others are working but R/H front sounds bit distorted .
    Any advice be great

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