Sold A5 Sportback heated & electric leather seats

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Have a set of heated and electric leather seats for sale which came out of an A5 Sportback. The seats were in the car for only a year and are in very good condition.
Will fit an A4 and can be made to fit in the A3 Sportback.
Looking for £350 collected from Iver, West London.

8FF12732-D0A4-4065-876D-9727F4EEBF87.jpeg 99B40C90-0B80-4569-9DF5-FDD4F897B25F.jpeg 04D20447-5769-433D-9203-44F226D37FF7.jpeg 10CF1E28-3B57-4618-8565-8C88DC288A4F.jpeg D8926B96-ECDE-4731-BC37-1B64AA3E3D6E.jpeg 972AC30B-69FD-4221-9577-282CE8F5EE7A.jpeg
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