A5 Sportback 2014. Driver Info System. Missing Information


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I have a 2014 A5 2.0 Tdi SE Quattro, sportback variant. The vehicle has Adaptive Cruise Control and MMI and Tyre Pressure Monitoring.

The colour DIS display is located in between the two dials on the dashboard.

In its normal display there is a digital speedometer below is a line of user selectable info: trip meter, avge and instantaneous fuel consumption, elapsed journey rime, the date and the range of fuel remaining. This info is accessed by a scroll wheel on the left spoke of the steering wheel.

There is also a mode button, which changes the DIS screens through telephone/sat nav/normal default speedo/ active warnings ( if any ) / and a radar type display for the adaptive cruise control when activated.

The problem I have is unusual.

When on the default DIS screen. The scroll wheel doesn’t scroll through the trip / fuel consumption / odometer info anymore. It only brings up the list of radio stations. The trip info described has completely vanished.

It also will no longer display any active warnings, such as the TPMS warnings.

When the Adaotive cruise control is active the DIS can be used to set distance and speed, but the specific screen showing the radar screen has also completely gone.

The car has been to the main dealer twice ( still under its warranty from purchase ) despite showing a chief technician the symptoms and him agreeing it’s not right, both times they say they can’t find a fault.

I could live without the Adaptive Cruise Sceeen ad the system still works. But I need the faults rectifying, to be able to use the Trip meters and fuel consumption / range info, none of which I can access.

Anyone heard of anything like this before, ) even without the cruise control? Has anyone any ideas. I am my wits end and what hope is there if the manufacturer of the vehicle can’t sort the problem out ?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.