A5/S5/RS5 Finance Deals


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Hi all,

I’m new to ASN and this is my first post so please go easy on me if I'm in the wrong place or asking too much ;)

I’ve reached out to a few ASN members via private massages (thank you to those who have replied already) to try and get an understanding of what people are paying for a new or even nearly new A5/S5. I'm asking around as I'm trying to come off my company car scheme and take a allowance instead so I can lease or buy an A5.

I’m looking at the S5 and the 3.0 TDI coupe specifically but thought it might be of interest to other users to see what new or nearly new ones actually cost to buy (HP) or lease (PCH/PCP/etc) depending on what you put down and interest you achieve, assuming you financed your car and haven’t won the euro lotto and bought cash.....

Now I know money can be a sensitive subject for some and you guys may not want to necessarily share your personal finance details to the public and I respect your privacy. But for those who are open to sharing this detail, I welcome your input to this thread to help me (and other interested parties) to get some real world figures.

I look forward to hear your stories and advice on essential options and costs etc.


Ps, To help simplify the format, can I suggest we break down any deal you have in the following format or as near to as a summary to your post for easier reading (hope I’m not asking too much)

Personal or Business Contract
Original Car Price:
Achieved Sale Price:
Deposit/Trade In:
APR or Fixed Interest:
Monthly cost:
Extras/Comments: (services incl? GAP incl? etc)