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A5/S5 issues ?

DaveTM Apr 27, 2018

  1. DaveTM

    DaveTM New Member

    Hi I’m just about convinced to buy an A5 and probably the S5 version
    Are there any common issues that go wrong with them as partner got caught out on a BMW so don’t want to get caught again
    Thanks in advance
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  3. DrEskimo

    DrEskimo Well-Known Member

    What year/variant (coupe,sportback,cab) you looking at?
  4. DaveTM

    DaveTM New Member

    Between 14/16 and coupe and 90% S5 but if not would be the 2l petrol 220 bhp
  5. DrEskimo

    DrEskimo Well-Known Member

    None that I know of.

    I know of issues for pre 2012 V8, and a good few issues with pre 2012 2.0TFSI engines (massive issue with excessive oil consumption), but post 2012 A/S5 seem pretty solid.

    Carbon build up can be an issue on higher mileage, and I would want one with good service history for the S-Tronic gearbox. Every 30k miles or so.

    Loved the supercharged V6 and a stage 2 mod can make it insanely quick.
  6. Dippy

    Dippy Well-Known Member Team Monsoon Audi S5 Black Edition

    As DrE wrote - there have been issues with the early s-tronic gearboxes on the B8 platform, but hopefully you'll be fine with a 2014 or later model. However if it has done more than 38K miles then make sure it has had its gearbox service done.

    Again there have been historical problems with the B8 S4/S5, such as window motors, central locking, water pump, to name a few, but later models seem to have had these resolved. A 2014+ S5 will have the CREC engine and there are two issues with it. Both are in the higher £hundreds to fix.
    1) The supercharger clutch can slip, however this will likely cause a CEL during a "lively" test drive.
    2) The OEM crank pulley can fail - but likely only at higher mileage, say 80K miles plus.
    I have just been hit by what could be a "known" B8 problem - my offside headlight washer jet was leaking.

    I'm not familiar with 2.0TFSI problems, but again as DrE wrote there were serious oil consumption problems on these cars for a range of years. If I were considering buying one I'd probably do a bit of research to see if any owners of 2014+ cars have complained of high oil consumption.
  7. surfer8210

    surfer8210 Member

    I have a 2014 S5 Coupe, Premium Plus; bought in Sept with 12,000 miles on it.
    I have a TCU and an ECU EPL tune on it.
    Right now at Stage 1 but going to Stage 2 as soon as supercharger pulley and belt are installed.
    I also waiting for an installation of a Bilstein B16 coil over suspension.
    I am very, very happy.
    I can’t imagine this car after the new items are installed.

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