A5/S5 Interior Trim Fitting - North West

I really want to get the RS5 carbon interior trim fitted on my S5 (currently has the silver alu).

Anyone in the Lancashire area had any experience of removing the center console to change the center trim around the gearstick?

The door trims look easy enough but I’m concerned about the centre trim.


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Think I was longer to put it back in again than I was getting it out.

Forgetting to plug the 12v charger back in after I thought I was done caused a significant strain in my humour muscle.

And the cables around the gear stick were a pain. I have a start button also and that cable was a swine to unplug.

It is definitely doable but be patient, and do not think it's a 10 minute job.

Protect your leather seats as the plastic bits are sharp and you will put stuff you take off on the seats. I have a tiny mark on mine for my troubles.