A5 S tronic gearbox

Bob Coombs

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I have the classic Audi gearbox jump from 2nd to 1st when the box is hot. Does anyone have the part number for the pcb for the 1st generation gearbox, I’m sure i saw someone on here selling them & the new wiring loom & solenoids.
I’m currently working on a remote fan cooled oil cooler for these gearboxes to keep oil temp at 50 or below to stop it frying the pcb & electrics as it’s common on the pre 2012 S tronic gearboxes.
Cheers all


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I doubt it unless Audi screwed up the design again???

Bob, the repair kit is 0B5 398 009. I think the latest ref is F but you may need to check.


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Yes looks like he has a pre 2012 A4..