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A5 Multimedia Screen

c_tahoe Apr 12, 2017

  1. c_tahoe

    c_tahoe Member


    I got in my car last night and noticed my main center screen in my 2012 tdi was barley readable and was so dull it was almost useless. It had been in an airport car park so I checked the brightness knob on the right of steering wheel in case they had adjusted it, it was on maximum, then I checked the screen menu itself and that was on maximum. I restarted the car and nothing. After 30 min of driving, it came back itself, then went again a few min later into this dark, dull, dormant mode where its do dark, you cant see it a night while driving.

    Any thoughts or any experiences guys? I have an extended named component warranty with Audi but I am sure this won't be covered!

    Thank you in advance
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  3. Testy2017

    Testy2017 New Member


    I had this myself on a 2008 a5, just buy the upgraded display from eBay for about £50 and change it yourself, it's easy, put your fingers under the grey fascia and pull. The cover just comes away. 4 Torx screws is all that holds it on. Search ebay for the display number on the attached pic. No experience needed for this repair, easy DIY job IMG_0793.JPG
  4. TexasB8

    TexasB8 New Member

    How is the screen updated? Is it better resolution?

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