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A5 knock / creek

c_tahoe Mar 27, 2018

  1. c_tahoe

    c_tahoe Member


    I have an 2012 A5 2.0 tdi with 59k on the clock. I do few local journeys around work then I just sit on the motorway with journeys 100-200 miles per trip for business.

    I’m hearing a knock / creek when driving the car at slow speed (local roads) from what appears to be the rear drivers side. Doesn’t happen over speed bumps but on an uneven road while accelerating usually. It doesn’t seem to follow to pattern of the bumps in the road either.

    It’s getting worse over time but hasn’t compromised my driving safety from what I believe.

    3 shocks have been replaced in the last 2.5 years and 2 have been noted as currently misting on an advisory.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. Jps3290

    Jps3290 Active Member

    3 have been replaced and 2 misting already within 2 yrs??? Did you replace with Audi shocks or cheap aftermarket?

    If one of the misting ones is a corner your getting noise from its a likely culprit however on a previous car (not audi) i had a similar noise from what I was 100% sure was from the rear of the car. Ended up finding that both front drop links were knackered. Replaced and noise went.
  4. Ape Factory

    Ape Factory Member

    I know this is a little left field (U.S. baseball colloquialism) but try putting a dab of lube on top of the bump stops in the trunk on either side. Use something thick that won't migrate and just use a really, really thin layer. I used Krytox GPL-105 and it stopped the creaking. Might not be coming from your shocks! Could even try petroleum jelly as a temporary fix until you can acquire some proper lubricant :)

  5. c_tahoe

    c_tahoe Member

    Thanks for the replies both. Ill have a look at both points over the weekend and then to a garage if I can't see any easy faults.

    After further driving it seems to just happen when the car is under load and accelerating from a slow speed that this creek / ache noise is apparent. There is no noise when going over speed bumps or similar on the road. Also anything to do with suspension and brakes I have replaced to Audi standard due to the amount of miles I do and drive for work.

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