A5 - How long from build date to dealer?


Hi guys,

I emailed my dealer end of last week to see if the car was still on schedule. I was told towards the end of last year that build week 2 was confirmed.
Dealer came back and said:
It doesn’t confirm it’s in build, but a car that had same build details is currently on its way to German port. I have no reason to believe it is not on schedule and I will keep and eye on it and let you know.
Should he not be able to confirm this fairly easily or am I just being a tart and all is probably OK?

I had been told build week 2 should mean I see it end of Jan, which is when I need it before the S3 goes back.



Had an email today saying that the car is built but there is a slight delay as it's not at the port at Emden, but I should still have it end of January. How long does it usually take from port to dealer?


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it was about three weeks(or maybe getting on for four) after my "build week" when my dealer rang me in August to say that the car was "in the country so they could schedule the delivery".

I suspect that they will be shipped across in batches, so you could be either lucky or unlucky with how long you wait on the quayside for shipping across the water...

I can only speak from my experience but I wouldn't hold your breath expecting a call just a few days later... Probably four weeks is your realistic earliest expectation.

Interestingly, even though my dealer confirmed to me that my car had a status of "in production" when I checked at the end of my forecast "build week", when I played "spot the date of manufacturer on the components" after it arrived, some were only manufactured towards the end of my build week, so I suspect the published "build week" is when they start to assemble it not necessarily the week they plan to ship it out of the factory as a finished product....

Long story short, mine had a build week of early July and it would have been late August when I could have collected it at the earliest....


Thanks bud,

Well hoping it won't be too much longer as it supposed to be built and on way to port nearly a week ago. I really don't want to have to put a new set of tyres and get oil and service done on the s3 for the a5 to turn up a few days later as that's a grand 'wasted'. May have to use the missus car for a few days but in this weather, no thanks.
It's still annoying you have to chase the dealer to get answers though. Think I will give them until towards the end of next week and see.