A5 heated seats to A3 HVAC using Kufatec loom?


Oct 28, 2020
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I recently replaced my seats with A5 leather & heated seats.

In all honesty I didn't even knew I was getting heated ones until I saw the plugs. I thought I was not gonna bother with them but with the winter coming and again some encouragement here I got tempted...

I found the hvac unit and got it for £15 off ebay (albeit a little abused) and for what I read it would seem that I am only one loom and some labour away from setting it up.

My questions for the experienced...

Is the kufatec loom the same? In other words does the a5 green plug "talks" to the A3 hvac unit?
(any one has the exact part number?)

and is kufatec the only option? I find the ~£50 to be a bit steep for what it is considering I paid £90 for the seats and £15 for the hvac and this is obviously about bringing 4 leads from the plug the the dash unit or am I wrong?

Any light will be appreciated.



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From fitting my A5 seats, wires do look the same. I can take a photo of my a3 seats that I’m fitting. My concern with the A5 pads is whether they’re designed to work with just the A5 system. Be interested to know as I’ve pulled the internals out of my spare A5 seats and fit to the heated a3 seats I’ve got
Its not that simple, research the forum it's been discussed numerous times, allot of wiring changes needed.

Last one I did for S5 seats in an S3 I made a pnp loom, cost a bit for time & parts, but worked flawlessly.
I though that might be the case, luckily I’ve managed to pull the electric parts I want out of the A5 seats and fit them to the a3 ones
I did research but info is scattered. I now know exactly what the four leads need in terms of gauge and function.... I registered for erwin to get the schematics of the back of the hvac unit for when I have some time.

Where did you source the parts of I can ask. (mostly the plugs I would assume?)

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