A5 electrical issues with door controls ! please help


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Good day all,

In the midst of the lockdown, there's these painful faults i cant understand and hoping someone can shed some light. Quick background as to when the issues began is i parked the car for a year while I repaired the broken timing chain and installed new battery. jobs a good one, engine and car now running well.

the problem then became that most of the passenger and driver door controls are not working. Thats: driver side central lock does not work (passenger side OK), panel/trim illuminations NOT OK and both wing mirror functions including adjustment, turn signal light and power folding not working. Again, only turn signal on passenger side is OK. Electric window controls and boot opening functions are OK.

What could be causing this? I have replaced the driver side door control module and the main cable loom that connects through the door panel to the main car body and no difference in functionality whatsoever. I have also checked the battery and it seems OK.

any help or direction would be so so so appreciated.

The car is a 2010 Audi A5 2dr 2L TFSI and the fault codes present are:

19 Gateway
03705 - Voltage stabilizer Faulty
03041 - Energy management active

42 Door Electronics Driver Side
00446 - Function limitation due to insufficient voltage
00532 - Supply voltage Lower limit not reached