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A5 coupe spoiler

Lord Apr 11, 2016

  1. Lord

    Lord Registered User

    Hoping someone can help. I'm looking at getting a spoiler for my 2009 coupe. I've seen a few carbon look ones which would be fine as my car is black. Can anyone recommend, or ideally post a picture of a spoiler they have. I like the look of the S5 ones but don't want to go changing the whole bootlid.

    I've also noticed that some of the listings on Amazon and eBay are for 2010-2014. Is the 2009 bootlid the same or so I need a pre 2010 spoiler.

    I appreciate eBay and Amazon aren't the best places to look so if anyone can recommend somewhere that supplies them that'd be great.

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  3. Jake Fowler

    Jake Fowler Registered User

    This is mine , brought from eBay

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