A5 Coupe & Snow !!


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I have a 8 week old A5 2.0 TFSI Coupe s/line SE, and being new to the Audi brand was wondering if it just me or does most other A5 Coupe owners feel the same that this car is like a boat in snow ??
Traction control does not appear to be very effective, as I cannot even get on my drive, which only has a dropped kerb and no slope !! the steering feels as though it is oversteering all the time and not a precise feel when turning.
I know the weather conditions we are experiencing here at the moment are a bit abnormal but I do not feel comfortable in the this weather driving this car.


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What you are describing is the effect of wide, low profile sports tyres on snow. It's like driving on four hockey pucks! Having Quattro, as I do on mine, helps immensely, but still have the same handicap of the tyres. Traction control is really geared toward maintaining control at higher speeds in wet conditions etc., it's out of it's depth in these conditions, particularly on 2WD. In fact, I heard recently (unconfirmed), that the TC in Audi's switches off at speeds below 5mph, because it simply doesn't work at those speeds. I'm afraid the only REAL solution is an expensive one - winter tyres! :ohmy:


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quattro or not, it's all about the right tyres as you said. Winter tyres are like night and day in snow and ice, and, well anything below 7 degrees c actually.
This is why I have just set up a company specialising in winter tyres for Audi's.
There's such a demand now it's untrue, and you try finding 255 35 19 high performance winter tyres that don't cost a ****** fortune. Oh and when you do, they are never in stock!

Anyway, I've called it cold traction Ltd. The website isn't up yet, but when it is it will cater for Summer tyres for us all too. (coldtration.co.uk)
Not cost me much to set up and just from family orders already I have covered costs!! PM me if you want more info. My S5 is sitting on them.
Difference between snow tyres and summer tyres is night and day, regardless of the drivetrain.... as metion - anything below 7deg C.... and summer tyres wear more in winter too.

My 235/40/18 Toyo Proxes T1-R's cost nearly 40% MORE than my 215/55/16 Vredestein Wintrac's.... I know that's comparing 16" v 18", but for £95 a corner, they're well worth it!