A5 Cab Vorsprung b9.5 - missing colour LEDs and turn assist


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So I have had a new A5 cab b9.5 and in most aspects loving it. But I seem to have a strange LED setup.

I can customise the colour of the line strips on the doors and cup holder to one colour
I can customise the colour of the door cards and centre console sides to a different colour

Footwells are always white
No lighting at all to door pockets and there aren’t even holes or blanking plates where the lights would be.

Have they cheaped out with the b9.5?

Also when I check the spec in myAudi it doesn’t mention presense tour at all but lists individually all the bits of it except turn assist. Not so bothered about this but a bit strange.


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Hi Jonstatt, I've got a fully loaded S5 sportback B9.5 (launch model, so same as Vorsprung plus some additional goodies, not that there were many boxes left to tick). Extended Lighting is the same on mine as it was on S4 B9 pre-facelift - the white strips on the B&O speakers at the door pockets are just reflective only, thats the only bit that cannot change. so nothing cheapened out from what i can see . I can change the footwell colour though - thats a bit odd you can't (I can double check i'm not imagninging it next time i'm in the car at night, but not using it very much right now).

Don't know how to check the Turn Assist. You won't know you've got it until it stops you doing something you shouldn't.
Its not listed on mine . Under assistance systems it has

Pre sense rear & basic
adaptive cruise
Camera based sign recognition.
Audi Side Assist
Audi Active Lane Assist
360 camera
camera and/or distance sensor


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Apologies for the terrible daytime reflection but you can see even in the MMI that the footwell is white, while the contours are blue, and surfaces purple.

Do you have illumination in your door pockets?

I'm curious what options you had over a Vorsprung. There was nothing extra to tick when I ordered except the colours.


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I'll sneak out tonight and check the lighting :)

Options : i think the following are different :

Sports Differential
Red brake callipers (Whoo hoo - not something i would have chosen)
Larger Ad-blue tank
storage pack
carbon atlas inlays

nothing that much to be honest...