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A5 3.0tdi Quattro coupe

harley141213 Sep 11, 2019

  1. harley141213

    harley141213 Active Member

    I keep finding myself coming back to this forum, this time I’m looking for an A5 Quattro 3.0 tdi manual.

    I’m looking to spend no more than 8k, that’s my budget, it’s that simple.

    Looked at a few on line, but saw the first one in the flesh today.

    What I looked at was an 08 plate, full Sh, most of which was Audi. The mileage is 110k
    What I found odd was for a car of this quality was no satnav, manual seats ( full leather with electric lumbar adjustment)
    I wasn’t expecting to find front wings crusty on inner lip, nor a couple of rust scabs on rear arch where it meets the bumper.. underside of boot lid where number plate lights are was scabby as where plates around strut tops under bonnet.
    I accept it’s not a new car and it was up for 6k, is this condition and spec normal for this age. Ideally I’m looking for something rust/damage free with good history/spec that has sub 100k up it.
    Am I being unrealistic?
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  3. SteWatson

    SteWatson New Member

    Hi Sean, i think you'll find something for 8k just be patient. These cars where sales rep cars i reckon so mileage is an issue, i was pretty much the in the same boat as you price range and spec. I paid 6.2k for mine with 93k on. No rust but alot of the car has been repainted looking at it. However it was to good to miss. You might have to compromise, increase budget, or be patient. something will come up though

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