A5 3.0 TDI - Real Life MPG?


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Hey Guys,

I'm thinking of making the swap over to an A5 3.0TDI from my current B6 S4 as I'm doing a fair amount of mileage now and it's likely to increase some more. Just wondering if the owners of these could post up what they tend to average from a tank please?

I guess its fairly easy to average mid 40's with these, although the extra urban stats reckon ~53mpg. My commute is mainly motorway now with around 10miles of B roads at the end.

Most likely looking at an 07 plate one as well if that makes any difference.



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babying it on a run keeping it around 60mph gives 40mpg

i'm guessing the manual a5 will be better, but it's not a 55mpg 130pd engine


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Yeah my friends stronic A5 3.0 can actually show a realtime mpg when tanking of same as the B6 S4 tbh, scared me when I put my foot down in it, showing 6mpg, but thats just literally at that moment, average is as above, 30-35 was what I saw, its a v6 3.0 as said above it wont be amazingly econmical. but it should be 50-100% more than the S4, as I used to run one so know what they used to drink lol.


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My A6 3.0TDi auto will do 40mpg at a push but motorway is usually 29-36mpg.

Town driving is 14-19mpg.


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My A5 3.0TDI manual gives me an average of 35mpg town and country combined, and will give a trip average of 43mpg on a decent motorway run.


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Mines been chipped and is a few weeks into ownership. I seem to get around 33-38 going to work and on a run to Swindon and back the other weekend (360 miles ) of 80-90 running i got 39mpg

its actually doing better than Mrs B,s tdi passat but thats got 110000 miles on it