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Good Evening,

I have a 2014 A5 2.0Tdi Ultra 163. I believe the engine code for this unit would be CGLD.

The car has a dodgy Map sensor that isn't giving a return signal so needs replacing.

Can anybody please confirm if 04l 906 051c is indeed the correct part number for the MAP/boost sensor I require and where would be best to source. Everywhere i go seems to suggest i a need to two bolt variant, and for the the life of me can't find where this would go in the engine.
However on further research i believe it to be a single bolt variant with an attachment for a vaccum pipe. It is located at the rear right hand top side of the engine on a metal bracket and has the above part number printed on it.

I look foward to any replies.



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I believe the part number 04l 906 051c is fitted from 2016 to the B9 cars. I think the part number you need is 036 906 051 G. Which is the 2 hole version. Thats just going on the info about engine size and year.

It should be fitted somewhere on the pipe between the intercooler and the intake manifold.
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Thanks for the response, i have sorted the issue today and indeed the correct part for the CNHC engine in the 2014 A5 ultra is 04l 906 051c/k single hole map sensor.
The CNHC engine wierdly doesn't have an intercooler so only has the one Map sensor and no lower boost sensor.