A5 2.0 TFSI QUATTRO (2010) - Rolling Road problem, can't dyno


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Hi all

Went to get a pre/post rolling road dyno done and a custom remap, but was told that the car was flatlining at 3000rpm because the back wheels wern't moving (sounds odd for a Quattro model that the back wheels aren't turning on a 4WD Dyno!!!) and so they couldnt do the dyno. Anyone aware of this problem with the latest Audi Quattro models and if there is a way around it to get it on a rolling road for a proper run?

I am concerned I have no data to show for my big investment in the remap and also whether in the absence of a proper dyno run before/after, do I actually have a custom map?



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dont you need a dyno with the rollers linked for a quattro as to fool the diffs?


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I will be having words with the remappers about it. They say they have a 4WD rolling road, but claim the map cant be dun becauwse the back wheels dont move, yet the new Audi Torsen Quattro system doesnt allow you to disengage the 60/40 diff. I dont understand how you can drive a new A5 on a 4WD rolling road and the rear wheels not turn!


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Sounds like a load of rubbish to me. The Haldex set up on my A3 can be turned off but not the Torsen Quattro set up...