A5 2.0 Tdi How to get DPF out Help Please !


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I’ve been having lots of grief with my 2016 Audi A5 tdi emissions control stuff and it turns out my DPF is clogged and forced regen is not working.

I need to physically remove it in order to clean it out properly.

Trying to do this in situ on this model is apparently very ineffective because of its odd shape.

It’s a nightmare.

Removing various senders from top and is a few m8 bolts holding it to a bracket underneath, a pain, but straight forward enough.

T50 bolt securing it to bracket under turbo, not a problem

1 nut off exhaust to DPF flange also do-able.

But as far as the rest goes, it seems very chicken and egg, integrated turbo/ exhaust manifold in the way, but you can’t get to the bolts securing it to the head as DPF is in the way.

If I split the exhaust further back underneath, can’t see how it can come up round under turbo either.

Can’t seem to find anything online for guidance anywhere for this engine version.

Anyone done this or know of any links for help ?
only found 1 on YouTube which isn't much help as it’s not English and it’s already out lol.


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