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A5 1.8 Tfsi with P2015 error. I'm confused!

karllap Jul 12, 2018

  1. karllap

    karllap New Member

    Hi, I've been reading lots of posts about this but can't seem to make anything clear from them. Am I right in thinking that it could be either the flaps in the inlet manifold or the motor or both? If so I take that if I replace the manifold and the motor (is this the motor on the side of the inlet manifold) that it will clear the fault?

    Also, if that is the case are they just a straight replacement or will the replacements need coding?
    Any how to's or videos would be really appreciated

    Lastly, (sorry) where are the part numbers so I can make sure that I am getting the correct parts (they will most likely be used parts as I am completely skint at the minute)

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