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A5 (08) Concert iii : AUX retrofit?

NewToIt Oct 28, 2019

  1. NewToIt

    NewToIt Registered User

    Hi all,
    First post so sorry if its scrappy. I've searched all over and came across a few threads on this site but found minimal info on what i'm after. If there is a post that is the exact same question as this please link it and i'll go through that.
    So my A5 with the concert iii doesn't have an AMI port installed, nor does it have the the aux port in the armrest, though it does have a blank plate. I am looking to get an aux port put in however that may be. I understand that people can retrofit the AMI (expensive) and I've also seen retrofit's of aux port in the armrest. I I'm interested in getting an aux in most inexpensive way possible so if anyone on here can help me out would be much appreciated! cheers

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