a4 xenon conversion

Ive done the conversion but drls are not working ive used the kufatec cable I know I need to code it with vagcom but not sure how to do this
Lee have you checked the DIS to see if the ability to switch on and off your DRL's is in there...I know it is on mine.
Haha sorry for the abbreviation Lee, it's the Driver Information System. I think on mine if you press the Car button the External Lights option is displayed. If you scroll down the it, the DRL's can be turned on/off and also the sensitivity to the ambient light for the headlights to come on when set to the Auto position. If you are still having issues getting the DRL's to work it may be worth calling in the services of a local VCDS specialist to sort it for you.
Ok thanks haha that option is turned on through mmi its the 1st thing i looked for xenons work fine its just the drls was gonna buy a couple of ballasts but if its not them its a waste of 80 quid thank you for replying i appreciate it
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