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Nov 4, 2006
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A4 TDI 2001 (B6) 130BHP.

Had camber ''REAR'' re-set.

The rear coil spring broke so was replaced with a second hand one,so had camber set and 4 wheel alignment,car drive straight no problems there,but i do find the steering slightly more heavier than before the 4 wheel alignment,the guy who set it up said the tyres are sitting a bit better on the road now.

The thing is it felt lighter before and it wasnt wearing the front tyres at all (had car for 16 months so i know) but he said after camber adjustment i have to do the wheel alignment so its all bang on,maybe its all in my head!,my friend drove it and said it drives ok!

Camber(i was told) was 3 degrees out and now its set on 0.3 degrees on the rear and front wheel alignment was just tweeked slightly as it wasn't far out at all.

However on the a4 the rear alignment (toe in/out) can be adjusted and that was out on one of the back wheels causing one of the rear tyres to drag and causing the tyre to get a sharp edges?

QUESTION IS: would alignment make my steering feel heavy????