a4 tdi 170 problems..... im lost

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hi, first post here but have been here many times and found very helpful. I'm wondering if someone can help me pin point something that iv missed, iv got a 57 plate tdi 170 special edition with 73k on clock (brd). a few months back i noticed grey/blue smoke first thing in mornings or if cars been sitting for an hour or so (only on idle) no smoke when driving and a very slight miss at 1800 rpm (not all time and only when driving slow and engine cold), smoke smells toxic i.e burning oil.

so had car check out and was told i had play in turbo shaft and it was leaking oil... ko3 turbo rebuilt by specialist problem still there.
i then thought id change fuel filter in regards to the slight "misfire" and found fuel in filter black. after research here and garage confirmed the fuel tank was full of oil.... tandum pump/gasket changed problem still there

further research and confirmed by garage injector seal leaking possible cause, so 2 days ago had new seals/ tank dropped/new fuel filter. problem does seem a little better but still there.

also my dpf is doing a regen every day! because this smoke is blocking it up. what else can i try? any ideas? id rather not get rid iv pull to much in it now. I'm not thinking the likes of egr or timing as the smoke is blue/grey and stinks!. also i was thinking oil in dpf for turbo leaking? but with it only smoking when engine cold/cool so am i right in thinking the dpf would be to cold to burn the oil?.

every time i put new filter on misfire seems to stop for few days so I'm thinking there linked.also in this time i found oil in coolant.. new oil cooler and flush 4 times.

any advice on what to do next would be great, as you can see iv had a bad 2 months


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sorry forgot to add, no fault codes other then p2002 which is dpf. i was thinking about getting dpf "REPLACED ;)" but would like to get this grey blue smoke sorted first


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What is the oil level like in the sump. Too high a level will block off oil return from the turbo into the sump which raises oil pressure in the turbo and will result in oil getting passed turbo seals.
How is the engine oil pressure, these engines can suffer oil pump failure which lowers the oil pressure and the turbo is usually the first thing to suffer.


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thanks for your reply karl. oil levels are fine, oil was changed in may after turbo rebuilt and again 3 weeks ago after oil cooler started leaking. as for oil pressure iv not checked for that on computer iv been more looking towards a fuel issue but iv not had no warning lights for high/low oil pressure. but il check it out in morning what should it be at? or how do i check for oil pressure

thanks again