A4 spring tidy up - Zymol vs Swissol


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So the A4 has now been wearing Zaino since October 2006 and this has been immensely impressive, can't really fault it.

I had in this time stocked up on some Swissvax Best of Show and had been given a sample of Zymol Concours, so the objective of today was to use these high end carnaubas and give the Zymol HD Cleanse and Swissvax Cleaner fluid a run out too.


So this is how the car looks at the start


So to start I whipped out the £5 pump sprayer I got from Netto earlier in the week. Nice bit of kit this for the money, I had some fun earlier in the week using CG Strong Wash on my windows and was surprised how well it worked, so I gave the lowers and the arches a spray down with this diluted 10 parts water to 1 part product.

After this, I then used my Old Formula SSF in the Autobrite lance to foam the car


I rinsed with pressure and the car was looking perfectly clean.


Infact I intend to avoid mitt washing for the majority of the summer and use a touchless wash as this is perfectly effective on what is a blanket of dust and insects. (I will of course continue to mitt wash my alloys).

The car was finally rinsed with 0 ppm filtered water from my RO unit and left to dry naturally.



I cracked out the Sonus green and the Meguiars Last Touch and started to clay.


Very little claying was needed, but some mild contaminants did come off during the process (not that clear but the clay is slightly dirty).


Some of the lowers needed some Autobrite tar and glue remover with an old microfiber cloth to remove some tar spots.


Now to examine the paint, all in all it is in very good condition, the winter wash regime hasn't really put much marring into the paintwork, the marring which does exist being mainly from the pre filter days.

Just the odd lighter scratch to take care of.


Unfortunately the car has quite a few deeper scratches, cat marks etc. I have decided up until now to leave these, but may attack them at a later date with some wet and dry.

I started off with PO106FF on a Meguiars Polishing pad, using the Metabo to spread at 700, work at 1500 and finish at 900 rpm. Unfortunately this did absolutely nothing and was a horrible reminder as to just how tough this paint is. The paint thickness reading was completely unchanged after carrying out the polishing. The bonnet averaging around the 120 micron level.

I decided to break out the PO85RD3.02 and use this on a fresh Meguiars Polishing pad and use this as a finishing polish :lol:


I gave the car a once over with this polish, spreading at 700, working at 1500 and finishing at 900 rpm. I found this polish finished perfectly, with no need to follow up with the PO106FF.





I finished the day with a second wash of the car, to remove any slight dust and pollen that had built up in the day. I foamed and rinsed and then carried out a mitt wash with Duragloss 901, then rinsed with filtered water and left the car to naturally dry. (You should have seen the faces on my neighbours, somebody washing a perfectly clean car :lol:)

Just a few shots to finish the day.





Up early the next day to cleanse and wax. The car had a blanket of pollen on the car so the panels were QD'd using CG Synthetic detailer as I came to cleanse them.

I decided to use the Zymol HD Cleanse and Zymol Concours on the bonnet and roof of the A4 and use Swissvax Cleaner fluid and Swissvax Best of Show on the rest of the car.

I started with the bonnet, I used a microfiber applicator with the HD Cleanse and made sure this was thoroughly damp before applying the HD Cleanse. I used straight movements and buffed off the residue immediately. With the sun not yet on the car and the panels cool, this was fine. You have to be very quick with the HD Cleanse and absolutely not let it dry.

I then applied Zymol Concours with the palm of my hands, I just adore the smell of this product, cough candy written all over it.

As I applied the Concours I noted that it wasn't that easy to get it to spread on the panel. I had to keep warming my hands and it didn't seem to go very far, the residue wasn't that easy to remove either. I need to use pressure with the microfiber to get the residue off. What made this a pain was that you have to remove the residue pretty much immediately. If it starts to dry, it becomes even more difficult to remove.

When I completed the bonnet I took the photo, the finish was very nice, very slick and looked good.


I did the same to the roof and then moved on to the Swissvax Cleaner fluid and Best of Show.

I used the cleaner fluid on a fresh microfiber applicator and applied in a similar fashion to the HD Cleanse. I wasn't totally sure how to use this product, but the method I used seemed to work fine.

The finish achieved was nice, it was quite a fresh finish against the slightly deeper finish given by HD Cleanse. The cleaner fluid came off fine, it was slightly easier to remove than HD Cleanse and I got the feeling that I could leave the residue and not suffer like I would with the HD.

Onto the Best of Show and oh my word, this spreads so easily onto the panel, it was like a revelation compared to the Concours. The product seemed to just run and run, I could apply it so easily. The Best of Show was a joy to use, I could do the entire side of the car without worrying about removing sections at a time, a big benefit for me.

The finish of the Best of Show was perfect, to be honest I couldn't tell the difference between the Concours and BOS, both delivering the goods in the looks category.




After finishing the car, I took a photo of how much of the Best of Show was remaining. I really didn't use alot. Bear in mind I had waxed a bike and done some panels on a TVR with the pot before today.



I finished the job by dressing the tyres with Poorboys Bold and Bright, I dressed the trim and arches with 303 aerospace protectant and QD'd the glass with Clearkote quickshine (I had Zymol HD Cleansed and Ital'd the glass a while back so just wanted to bring back the lustre).


Overall I like the Zymol Concours, HD Cleanse and the Swissvax Best of Show, Cleaner fluid combinations. Both deliver in the looks category equally well for me. I have to say that in terms of ease of use the Best of Show was quite a way ahead for me, I really like being able to do many panels at one go and them remove residue and not have to worry about the product drying and becoming difficult to remove.

Funilly enough on the subject of out-gassing, I had more hologram style marks from the Best of Show than I did from the Concours (this being immediately after application). A QD removed any marks and I did notice several hours later some out-gassing marks from the Zymol which were removed with QD and none from the Best of Show.

How does this finish compare with Zaino? In all honesty the finish is pretty much indistinguishable. The car looks slightly brighter at the moment,
but I put this down to the claying and renewal polishing which really helped bring back a bit more of the finish. This doesn't surprise me as all these products are quality LSP's. I really enjoyed the hand application and will enjoy waxing the car this summer.

Not bad for a car 6 years old this year :cool:










Perfect mate - got some zymol HD FOC that I need to try out - sounds like i'm going to need to get a specific wax to complement!
You mention HD on the glass - is this good to sue? Do you need anything added on top?


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HD Cleanse on glass works very well indeed. I don't wax the front screen just use Clearkote Quickshine as it beads very well, on the side and rear I put some Zymol Ital wax on top.


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Great looking motor Neil. You look after it well.
I'd love the RS6s for my SE, they look just amazing on a car with corrected paintwork.

Well done.:beerchug:


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hi neil,

just ordered my ab foam lance and am intrigued about your 'touchless' wash technique. Does the ssf and foam lance really remove the dirt/dust that well that you don't need to wash by hand?


ps: cars lookin' good, same colour as mine


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1210tech said:
Does the ssf and foam lance really remove the dirt/dust that well that you don't need to wash by hand?


I'd like to know the answer to this too!

I use the SSF thro the Superspray and PW off, but it certainly does not remove all of the dirt. Then again the SSF does not cling and dwell, which is certainly the secret to the dirt being dissolved and lifted ready for rinsing.

I want to know if the Lance is the answer. I'd love to get away without having to mitt wash!!!!!

Don't know if I would ultimately trust anything on this front though even if someone told me not to worry about it. Well, I certainly wouldn't go buffing after pat-drying even with the plushest MF. Something tells me not to!!!!!

Pollen, OK but dirt, definetely no!



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The autobrite lance removes more dirt than any other foam gun I have used and previously I have owned a gilmour and a karcher foam lance.

For summer use I find it removes the dirt, dust, pollen very effectively and I only really need to mitt wash if the car has water spots on from rain (just to be extra sure).

In my experience it does start to lift brake dust, but you'll need to clean the wheels.

In winter it really goes to work on the lower panels, pre foam lance I used to tackle these areas in separation to my two bucket wash because they would get so dirty. Post foam lance the foam removes a huge amount of dirt from these areas so I can safely wash. The dirt left behind is literally a film of dirt, the rinse bucket is miles cleaner than it was before.