A4 Side Impact Sensor Fault


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Airbag warning light has been on a while. Got it scanned and was told it's the driver's side side impact sensor. Mechanic said if he remembered correctly that there is a connector under the driver's floor somewhere that is prone to corrosion. Has anyone dealt with this before? Would like to see if I can fix myself as I am broke.


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I'm not 100% if it's the one you need but there is a yellow connector under the drivers seat.
Slide the seat back & there should be a little hatch and there is a plug under there, mine has done this several times over the years & unplugging & plugging back in seemed to do the trick.


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You've got me wondering now, I'm sure it did as i've had the airbag light on 2 separate occasions and put it out & the only thing i have to hand is a cheap amazon code reader.
Either that or the light goes out by itself.
When i get a minute i'll plug mine in & see if i have the airbag option on there.