A4/RS4 centre console...same?


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Hi all

Having recently removed a built in mobile phone holder from my rs4 i am left with 2 holes in the side of my centre console.

After looking for a replacement it seems that the rs4 consoles command a premium and are rarely without the same holes.

However a4 centre consoles are plentiful and reasonably priced, but are they the same? The only area i see different is the starter button area.

Can anyone shed some light?
Thanks in advance



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Not an answer to your question but what a ***** design by Audi engineers, "oh we forgot to neatly design the phone cradle into the console, oh never mind just screw this one from a tractor on to the side there, that'll do nicely" :tongueclosed:


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ok so not sure this is much help but if you've got the part number for your centre console, the below shows part numbers for 2006 A4 b7.