A4 Radiator grille surround


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Hi everyone,

I'm completely new to this forum, but have owned my A4 2.7 TDi SE since November last year and am still loving it.

I've always been into Jaguars as my fun cars, but having bought the Audi after a company car opt out scheme was introduced by my employer, seem to be finding more and more excuses to use the A4!!!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the chrome grille surround from the car. Whilst parked, someone appears to have reversed into the car at low speed, pushing the chrome back so that it has popped out of the fixing at the bottom on one side:(

It looks like it should go back ok, but that the best way to go would be to remove the whole surround and reattach.

Has anyone on here done this before or is there information available anywhere?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Cheers, Paul


Hi Paul,
Not sure about how to remove chrome grill on your A4. However if it is anything like the A3 then the whole bumper has to come of to get at the grill retainers at the back. On the A3 there are torx bolts on the top and bottom of the bumper and bolts behind the front wheel arch liners to release the bumper. Could be similar set up.
I'm sure someone owning an A4 will be able to be more precise soon.
I'm awaiting delivery of a new A4 SE 2.0 TFSI in about 8 weeks time.


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Again not a huge help, but on my B6 the grille can be removed quite easily, obviously it's a one piece grille on the B8 - does it hinge up with the bonnet or stay fixed to the bumper? With mine once the grille is off the chrome trim will come off with a small screwdriver as long as you are careful.


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Thanks for your replies. The grille is actually fixed to the bumper and is independent of the bonnet. There is a plastic shroud covering the void between it and the radiator itself which I have removed today. Unfortunately, it is impossible to see the whole of the rear of the grille due to a box section behind where the numberplate attaches. The bottom of the bumper is boxed in as well, so it would appear that what Rob has noticed with his A3 holds true for the A4 as well - that the grille is put on before the bumper is mounted on the car.

Is it easy to get the bumper off and back on again? I had a nightmare with one of my Jags once getting the assembly back on and lined up afterwards.

Although annoying, the current problem doesn't look too horrendous, compared to how a squiffy bumper might look...


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I have had my grille replaced under warranty as the paint was flaking. I am afraid it was a bumper off job.